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Moth orchid. Is it unusual to have a what I think is a flower stalk with leaves as the photo. I've had this orchid for about 15 years and it is the first time I have seen this.




Sorry, Barbarak, but there is no photo.

22 Dec, 2017


Sorry bout that .. Senior moment. Hope it's there now.

22 Dec, 2017


It looks perfectly normal to me. I have 6 of these. Congratulations! I see healthy roots with green growing tips. It's OK to let the roots sprawl out like that. They like doing that. One of mine literally crawled out of its pot. Just mist them about once per week with a weak fertilizer solution.

22 Dec, 2017


It's a bit unusual for any of the leaves on the flowering stem to be functional, but it does occasionally happen. I agree with Bathgate: it's a nice, healthy plant.

23 Dec, 2017

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