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By Jjulio

Johannesburg, South Africa Za

Does anybody here know this wild daisy?
Found in the Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve, Johannesburg.

What_daisy_1_ What_daisy_2_



Folks, this is a daisy that eludes some botanists, I believe.
Would be interesting if we found the name of this "daisy"...

28 Dec, 2017


Possibly one of the Hawkweeds, but those botanists need much more detail to identify species.

28 Dec, 2017


many of the hawkweeds/hawkbits are able to interbreed and there are so many of them now. DNA analysis is really the only sure way of getting an accurate id. but then if it is a new hybrid it will only confirm its parentage.

our humble dandelion is in fact many species/subspecies according to recent DNA interpretation..

28 Dec, 2017


It looks like a kind of Arctotis, maybe a variety of A. arctotoides?

29 Dec, 2017


I was just looking this one up based on the suggested names above (raining outside so looking for something to do). The closest I got was Arctotis acaulis. This was based on the leaves as well as the flowers but it could be any of the Arctotis as Tug said.

29 Dec, 2017

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