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By Glowing

I have a Canna Lily that has been growing in a container. I checked the gardening book and it advised removing at first frost. I live in Northumberland but it has been mild so it was not taken out of the post until a few weeks ago. How do I dry this as it is still wet and getting a little mould on it. I loved this plant and would like to save it???



Bring it indoors to somewhere warm and airy, but not hot, lay it on newspaper exposed to the air, having removed any clumps of soil adhering to it.I would gently clean off the fungal growth you can see with a soft cloth or some kitchen paper. Once its drier, store in dry peat or used potting soil, in a container of some sort,and keep somewhere frost free, but not warm.

Around March, pot it up in fresh potting soil, water to start it into growth, and stand it somewhere warm with good daylight/sunlight, then move outdoors when risk of frost is past.

30 Dec, 2017


Soak the bulbs for a few minutes in a bucket of water with a little hydrogen peroxide to treat the mold.

31 Dec, 2017

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