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Hi I am new to this site earlier this year I bought a Canna Lily for my Patio and it was rather like twizzle it grew and grew


By Glowing

Hi I am new to this site and missed the two very helpful comments. To be fair I cannot see that it is a bulb at all. I like both suggestions, currently it is at the bottom of the airing cupboard which is properly too warm for it. I will keep you posted thank you. I am not sure yet how to reply so this maybe a clumsy way of replying.



Glowing, your original question has already been answered, scroll down to read.

31 Dec, 2017


Glowing you can reply to answers to your questions by writing your reply as if it were another comment (Where it says "add comment".

31 Dec, 2017


Glowing, the underground parts of Cannas are technically rhizomes, instead of true bulbs, which explains why they bear no resemblance to the stereotypical Daffodil or Tulip bulbs. Most gardeners, however, refer to any underground plant part that can be dug up, shipped around the world, and sold in bins in the garden center as "bulbs". :)

1 Jan, 2018


Agree with Tugb. 'bulbs' is a generic term, most gardeners don't know what the actual differences are - or so it would seem to me reading GoY.

1 Jan, 2018


To clarify how to respond when you get answers, scroll down to where it says How do I say thanks? - beneath that is a narrow empty box, click in that, it expands and you can type whatever you want to say in there.

But in your first post you said 'it' had mould on it, so when you said 'it' what exactly did that mean, because I assumed you meant the tuber/bulb?

1 Jan, 2018

How do I say thanks?

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