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Buddleja Weyeriana Sungold
I had one of these which got really out of hand and in the end I took it out. However it was a real magnet for bees and butterflies and I do love the late blooms of clear yellow so I'd like another. Can it be cut back really hard?Is it possible to keep it under control without it getting into an ugly shape, or is it one of those shrubs you just have to let go to do its own thing?



I had one for many years and it always responded to hard pruning when I decided it had got too big for its space. I have cuttings rooting in the greenhouse as I plan to put one where the apple tree was. so if they all take would you like a 'baby'?

13 Jan, 2018


Yes, you can cut it back hard, but I would leave it until the end of March as pruning now can stress the plant. Prune every year in spring to keep it in shape.

Also feeding after pruning (potassium and nitrogen) will improve the flowering.

13 Jan, 2018


Have been 'off' for a few days but thank you both very much. And 'Yes please, SBG!' Please let me know costs etc in a pm. I'm glad I asked the question!

17 Jan, 2018

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