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ID strange larva
I was digging gently the other day just neatening some edging and turned up a pale lilac caterpillar shaped larva - at least that's what it looked like. I dropped it and lost it before i could have a proper look or take a picture. Can't find anything on Google. Any ideas please?



How peculiar! I bet it was a grub that had been munching on your red beetroot! lol! No, seriously, I have no idea.

19 Jan, 2018


If only - have never succeeded with beetroot....

19 Jan, 2018


lol! I'm pleased I'm not the only one. I've had two utter failures and one relative success. And yet everywhere I go I read about how easy it is!

19 Jan, 2018


Probably depends on what sort of soil you have. I can grow potatoes but carrots don't even always germinate let alone grow.

26 Jan, 2018

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