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Hi - my neighbour has asked me if this is anything to be concerned about at the bottom of her oak tree, and could it cause damage to the surrounding turf? They had laid new turf last summer and it hasn’t done well at all, wondering if the tree has disease it could be affecting the grass too. Any advice much appreciated!





The grass simply can't compete with the oak tree for water & nutrients. St. Augustine's grass does well under oak trees (in Florida). Consider pots or planters around the base of the oak tree, a garden bench, decorative mulch. Many trees won't tolerate having their roots disturbed.

17 Jan, 2018


There does appear to be rotting at the base of the tree though, did your friend alter the soil level when they laid the turf?

17 Jan, 2018


It does look as if the root flare which forms above ground has been filled in with soil - certainly the grass should not be so close to the tree anyway, and if they did add soil, they should remove it and the grass from that area asap...

17 Jan, 2018


Thanks all, I’ll ask more detail what they did and cut a perimeter round the tree. With abit of care will that part of the tree improve over time? Thanks!

17 Jan, 2018


Maybe - they need to check that area after its had a chance to dry out when everything they might have added has been removed.

18 Jan, 2018


Looks like the effects of a lightning strike on the tree which occurred sometime in the past. The soil around the perimeter of most trees is hard and compact and turf set close to it cannot get the roots down far enough for a good grab into the soil it lies upon. Also take into account the shade around a tree in leaf. Expect a sparse area of grass growth around most trees.

20 Jan, 2018

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