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I have planted a range of perennials including lavender, phlox, Veronica, sedum, carex as a border down the side of some steps I built and want to check although they are hardy, given that they are young do they need frost protection until well established?





If they were all sold as hardy varieties they should be fine.
You may find the lavender needs more space than that though as it can make quite a large plant and there may not be enough root room.. Is the narrow bed isolated from other soil or is it just a narrow shallow strip? If the latter you'd be advised to remember to water them regularly when the weather gets drier (if it ever does...) at least until well established.

19 Jan, 2018


Should be fine in Dorset Martin. Will soon get a bit cramped by the look of it, so be prepared to remove, split and replant. :)

19 Jan, 2018


Sorry delayed reply.../ no there is bare soil underneath I just raised it up with compost, I want them to grow over part of the steps hopefully not all of them! Thanks for the advice I’ll keep checking on them :)

30 Jan, 2018

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