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By Rhysw

wellington, New Zealand Nz

Is this hinoki cypress (chamaecyparis obtusa) ?

I assume with the flat sprays it is a chamaecyparis and the underside of the leaves dont seem to have the x's of lawsoniana (and I've not seen the yellow and green on a lawsoniana) and it doesnt look like any of the c. psifera variants I've seen. Is it a hinoki ?

20180122_175526 20180122_175503 20180122_175446



Probably a variety of Chamaecyparis nootkatensis, from what I can see.

22 Jan, 2018


Thats v interesting, thanks. I havent seen a nootka before. Could you tell me what it is about the photos that helps identify it as a nootka and not a hinoki

22 Jan, 2018


Hinoki Cypress is a specific variety of C. obtusa, with congested twig clusters, thicker twigs, and even more prominent X's than C. pisifera. C. nootkatensis has the best match of foliage texture and orientation with your picture.

23 Jan, 2018

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