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lupins pots or garden best results



They tend to grow quite big so you'll need large pots. They come better in the ground where there's plenty of room for them.
I have grown them in pots in the past but had very poor results.

22 Jan, 2018


Definitely better in the ground, Lupins are large herbaceous perennials and would need a lot of care and attention, including watering, in any pot - no matter how large.

22 Jan, 2018


definitely in the ground. Though watch out for slugs when the new growth starts. slugs love them.

22 Jan, 2018


Garden, every time.

22 Jan, 2018


Lupins best grown in the garden in conjunction with other plants so you get a continuous display. When grown in pots you will only have interest for a short time when they cease flowering they die down an there will be nothing to see.

22 Jan, 2018


Definitely in the ground. However, if you would really like to grow lupins in pots, go for the small annual varieties. They would work well. I’ve grown some the past couple of years and the slugs always beat me when I plant them out because they are so small. Pink Fairy and Pixie delight are the ones I’ve grown. Easy from seed.

24 Jan, 2018


I have started to grow them in a large pot and was pleased with the result last summer. They are completely decimated when I put them in the ground. Slugs!

27 Jan, 2018

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