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What do I need to do to keep my Acer alive please?

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The best thing you can do is find a nice open & sunny place with good drainage, plant it in the ground with the root ball just below the surface. Watch this video to see them in full glory.

26 Jan, 2018


Right now, nothing, Acers are deciduous and yours is doing why I would expect it to. Come spring you need to plant out in the ground as per BG's info., but right now it is fine...

26 Jan, 2018


I had a Acer in a pot last winter,come spring I planted it in the garden,like Bathgate said and it has done very well.

27 Jan, 2018


Put it somewhere out of the wind. They are woodland understorey plants and appreciate a bit of shelter If you can't plant it in the ground it will soon need a bigger tub.

27 Jan, 2018


I think the blackened and bleached stems are dead. When it comes into leaf in the spring, you should cut off any dead bits and burn or dispose of them off-site. I suspect there is a fungal infection at work here and removing the affected parts will help prevent it from spreading. I agree that planting the tree out in open ground would benefit it - plant it in semi-shade. Otherwise, you can repot it into a larger pot. Trees in pots need diligent watering. Hope this helps. S.

28 Jan, 2018

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