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Can anybody recommend a small tree for my back garden. I would prefer one that has nice foliage . We are having to remove our Robinia as it has become diseased. It was a lovely golden colour.



I personally like rowan. it has a composite leaf nice flowers and berries. depending on which one you go for the berries can be red, pink, orange or white.
the winter shape is pleasing to the eye too. I wouldn't be with out mine.

28 Jan, 2018


Everyone will have their own personal favourite and mine is Amelanchier. Beautiful blossom on bare branches and leaves opening with a bronze hue in the spring. Followed by black fruit which will readily eaten by the birds and in the autumn are orange and red coloured leaves. There are white and pink flowered varieties to choose from.

28 Jan, 2018


I wouldn't be without a Tamaix. It has arching branches with feathery leaves and lovely pink flowers in early summer.
There are different types to be had so if you want one get a small species. Mine would grow to about 9 or 10 feet but I often cut it back.

28 Jan, 2018


I just planted a Prunus Sandcherry. I haven't seen it bloom yet, but it becomes and big pink cloud of cherry blossoms in the spring and has gorgeous red & purple foliage all season. It draws all kinds of pollinators - bees, butterflies, humminbirds. The birds come for the small fruits later in the season. It makes quite a focal point.

28 Jan, 2018


I like Acers :). I recently did a few blogs on my various trees Marjorie, they might give you some ideas.

28 Jan, 2018


'Sunburst' Honey Locust? I also remember fondly the flowering crab apples from my college days in Flagstaff, AZ.

28 Jan, 2018


I second dawnsaunt and recommend acers/ small maples

29 Jan, 2018


Thank you for your useful and interesting suggestions. Yesterday I went to the local nursery and chose an Acer Brilliantisimum which I am collecting at the weekend.
I am also going to get a Acer Red Flamingo and a Acer Taylor.

31 Jan, 2018

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