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Does anybody grow Veronica? Can somebody explain the proper winter care/treatment for Veronica Royal Candles? Do I cut this down to the ground? Does it send up new shoots? Does it spread? Is it invasive? I've read conflicting information on the internet. Who can give the low-down?!




Hi Bathgate, I have a similar one called blue candles.
I leave the dead flower spikes on as winter protection and they do look pretty frosted. I remove old growth in March and new growth comes from soil level. if its been mild there are usually 1-2" high shoots that I don't cut down. I don't find it invasive at all. its a very compact herbaceous perennial but it does get bigger in time. the original one was 3" in diameter after 4 years it is about 5" in diameter. So yes it does 'spread' but doesn't run.

hope this helps

29 Jan, 2018


It does help a lot. Thanks SBG

29 Jan, 2018


This looks wonderful! Is it good for bees and butterflies? I know most flowering things are, but some are more of a magnet that others, and it's magnets I'm after!

30 Jan, 2018


yes it offers lots of nectar. hoverflies love it in my garden.

30 Jan, 2018


Pennyfarthing, SBG is right. Butterflies & bees are all over this. I get the occasional hummingbird. Looks stunning in a floral display - comes in pink & white as well.

30 Jan, 2018


Love it! Definitely buying one. Humming birds! If only!!! But I'll be content with bees and butterflies.

31 Jan, 2018

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