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Neglected alstroemerias!!
Hey - I have just been to my allotment for the first time since summer and remembered I had some alstroemerias in a pot in the greenhouse. I have bought them back home and pulled out all the dead stems and added a good layer of compost. I’m just concerned that being in the greenhouse the roots haven’t had any water since probably September/October. Anyone got any experience growing these to advise if they will be ok? I can’t recall what time they started shooting up last year..... thanks!




The first thing that I would do is do a little gentle probing with the fingers, or tip it carefully out of the pot, to make sure that you have living roots. After that, I'm not sure what would be best, since my climate is so different. One of the UK members would give you better advice there.

2 Feb, 2018


by all means tip them out of the pot. you should have fleshy white 'roots'. these are the overwintering storage organs. if they are present then repot and place outside in a sheltered spot. growth usually starts late April early May; dependent on temperature.

2 Feb, 2018


Hi - thanks for replies. Had a dig around in the pot and found a roof see photo attached, I take it these means it’s healthy? I’ll have to keep them in the pot for this year as in process of redesigning the garden and done think it will be ready by April!

13 Feb, 2018


Roof = root!

13 Feb, 2018


The root looks good, but it needs to be attached to a stem base with growth buds to do any good. I would stop digging, because if you detach too many roots, the plant(s) will die.

14 Feb, 2018


Yes I think I will keep them undisturbed in the pot and hopefully see some new growth in the next few months! I will let you guys know!!

15 Feb, 2018

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