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What is the likely little culprit eating my snowdrop flowers? It seems to be happening more this year.



Early rising mollusc?

3 Feb, 2018



3 Feb, 2018


squirrels have nibbled some of mine. could be rabbits too.

3 Feb, 2018


Mine are being eaten too. I can only think it's slugs.

4 Feb, 2018


Mine also, some have had the heads snapped off but flowers not eaten, never had it happen before...

5 Feb, 2018


Mine have been snapped off too...and I know EXACTLY who is the culprit. Great big hairy mad Labrador!

5 Feb, 2018


Have seen sparrows having a go at them in the past. Blue tits also will go looking for insects in the flowers and snap them off. They do not eat the flowers though.

5 Feb, 2018


Thankyou to all. I think I'll just accept it as part of nature as we all do at times, but haven't known it before to this extent. It's been very cold even here in Devon so I didn't think slugs.

7 Feb, 2018

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