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We have recently paved our drive & have erected a 4ft fence which we share with our neighbours. We did have the Curtiss to ask them how high they would like it & seemed happy with it. Now he has planted beech hedging alongside of it for their privacy. We are concerned as the drains, paving & house foundations are only two feet away. Will this do any damage.



We have a 5-6 foot high beech hedge along our concreted drive and it hasn't damaged the concrete so far. The size of a root run is usually in proportion to the size of the crown.
If you are concerned and your neighbour is insistant perhaps you could try making it clear to him (nicely) that if the roots do any damage on your side he will be responsible for the necessary cost of repairs. You could try asking a local surveyor what he thinks? My gut reaction is that two feet is too close to the house but my gut might be wrong...

5 Feb, 2018


Thank you for your helpful advise steragram.

6 Feb, 2018


As the hedging matures the root system will become dense and the soil in and around it will become compacted and hard thus forming a below soil dam running parallel to your home. This has the potential for impeded drainage of water which might accumulate and pool against your house foundation.

6 Feb, 2018


Haven't noticed this with ours as its deep rooted and weeds flourish rather too happily under it....but I would be unhappy about such a hedge so near to the house without expert advice. I would have chosen Lonicera nitida for that job.

8 Feb, 2018

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