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I planted a Red Rocket Crepe Myrtle (2ft) in fall 2016. It did not bloom 2017. Will it bloom this year.



Do you have it in the sun? They must have full sun to maintain flower power - and that vibrant red color. Crepe Myrtles take a year or so to get established, but you can expect to see blooms this year. Keep it well watered at all times. Even now, during winter, it still needs water. They are fast growing trees - as the name implies but are fairly drought tolerant once matured.

Also, be sure the roots are just below the surface and not buried too deeply. The root collar should be at soil level and they must have air flowing around the roots and soil that drains well.

Feed your crepe myrtle with a balanced fertilizer just before it wakes up - late spring, then a lighter feeding every two weeks throughout Spring & Summer. These trees are heavy feeders. Yes, I know, it's like nurturing a child, but it blooms all summer those brilliant red flowers and shiny green leaves. Of course it hungry.

7 Feb, 2018


They also bloom on the tips of new growth, so frequent pruning or shearing will prevent blooming, too.

8 Feb, 2018

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