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Has anybody been to lately? I can't log onto this site anymore even though I'm a long-standing & contributing member. Is the site still up?




Does not seem to work for me either.

7 Feb, 2018


not been on it for a while. I cant remember my login details either.

7 Feb, 2018


You don't need to log in SBG. I can't even get to the 'log in' page. See if you can.

7 Feb, 2018


This page (if the link works) says that the domain is 'parked' by GoDaddy the hosting company. I take that to mean the site owner took it down but the domain name hasn't expired yet.

Edit - the link works for me.

8 Feb, 2018


wow, so I lost a whole bunch of friends all at once. LOL

8 Feb, 2018


I had a message from Eye Spy Bird to say the site was closing down due to lack of interest I think?
Shame isn't it :o((.

8 Feb, 2018


Yes, but thanks for the information.

8 Feb, 2018


Hi Paul, check out Birding and Photography UK on Facebook, its a relatively new group , the admin is Gail Barton who was very active on ISPYABIRD, I think you will probably find your friends on there....I saw a comment a couple of weeks ago that the Ispyabird was closed and was directed to the other one..

9 Feb, 2018


Thanks. Linda. I will ceck it. Out. I just wish they had sent out notification to all members that the site was shutting down. Instead of me finding out this way.

10 Feb, 2018


I haven't been on there for a while either and I haven't received any notification of closure. Lin, your suggestion sounds good for the keen twitchers.

12 Feb, 2018


it closed due to lack of people using it the one on facebook is birding and photography.
regards dave [firefinch of ispyabird]

9 Jun, 2018



9 Jun, 2018

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