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By Poole

Is the use of coffee grounds a good for growing



No, not really - you can add them to the compost heap periodically, or you can spread them lightly just occasionally around acid loving shrubs

9 Feb, 2018


Used coffee grounds are neutral and won't affect the soil's PH. It releases nitrogen into the soil as it decomposes and it feeds the earthworms. For acid loving plants, use fresh coffee grounds that haven't been used yet.

11 Feb, 2018


It depends on how long you store them before appliction.
See the results of an experiment over time:

12 Feb, 2018


I find them useful as a slug deterrant. I use them straight from the packet..seems to work well.

12 Feb, 2018


Good to know Karen...thanks.

12 Feb, 2018



12 Feb, 2018

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