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I bought a couple of large shrubs a few weeks ago and
replotted them in larger containers with new compost I
was advised that it needed to be 10 degrees in order not to kill the roots. Where I live at the moment it is 9 degrees. Please can you tell me if it is now ok or should
I wait longer.



The contention would be are they hardy plants and as to whether they had been hardened off before you bought them. To be on the safe side I would be inclined to shelter them out of the bad weather so as not to let the compost become frozen until spring time.

10 Feb, 2018


Agree - keep them in a sheltered spot and pot on into larger pots in spring if they need it, though your question is somewhat confusing - it implies you've already repotted,and but then asks if you should wait. If you haven't already done it, wait..

10 Feb, 2018

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