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By Leiws

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Can I remove all the soil from the roots of a nine foot silver spruce tree in order to relocate with the minimum lifting difficulties.




No, probably not - if its in the ground and is 9 feet high, it won't have just put out woody roots, it will have spread lots of fibrous matted roots everywhere. The general rule is, if its been in the ground longer than 3 years, the risks of moving it and losing it are much higher. For larger plants, you can hire something called a tree spade, a large piece of mechanical equipment which would increase the chances of success,but its still a risk. Often its better to leave the plant where it is and buy another one for your garden instead...

10 Feb, 2018


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11 Feb, 2018


Leiws - Yes, you certainly can relocate a large tree with minimal (or no) root damage to even the fragile fibrous roots. An 'air-spade' is designed to that very purpose. It will blast away the soil without damaging the roots.

Here is a video demonstrating just how to do it.

How to Transplant and Move Large Trees Featuring an Air Tool!

12 Feb, 2018

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