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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I recently bought a “sleeve” of garlic from the local grocers and when I split one up there were very small green sprouts, a couple of mills long growing from the tops of each clove. Does this mean they are past their best and should be returned or can I use them as usual ?



They are fine to use. It just means they began to sprout. You should use them fairly soon or you can plant them. The green tops are very nice in homemade chicken soup, like green onion.

13 Feb, 2018


Thanks B, I’ll be putting great numbers in the garlic soup I’m making this weekend so they won’t last long.

13 Feb, 2018


The green parts are much more bitter than the rest of the bulb - you may not notice it in soup, but its usually recommended to remove the green part when using for cooking.

16 Feb, 2018


Thanks B, fortunately I have been cutting these off.

16 Feb, 2018

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