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Has anyone grown Hymenocallis (Peruvian daffodil) in the UK. Has there been too much rain in Scotland for it to flower? I know it needs sun and feeding, but the friend who gave it to me has grown it here for the last 20 years.I didn't put it outside until late Spring, and I have been feeding it.
Thanks Linda

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Have you looked at Fractal's comments about Peruvian Lillies Linda. As GJ said of one of our polymath friends ' he knows what the Incas have for breakfast' (see below)

26 Aug, 2010


I have only ever got foliage and after 4 years and last winter they have given up the ghost. So I was bitterly dissapointed with them.

26 Aug, 2010


I have about twenty bulbs in a pot. The leaf is great, just no flowers. The friend who gave them to me has been growing them in Glasgow for the last twenty-five years. She had no flowers either. We have decided it was the awful July we had, too much rain.

27 Aug, 2010


I have several clumps of hemerocallis in my garden and I divide some of them each year to sell from my plant nursery. About half of those I divide flower that year almost all of the rest the following year. I don't feed them at all but they are in good light soil in a sunny spot and I'm in North Cambridgeshire so it may be your climate that is causing the difficulties.

30 Aug, 2010

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