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I would appreciate if you could tell me : can I keep my mimosa indoors ?? I seem to find different opinions and can't really understand. I bought one ( potted ) 2 weeks ago. Seems that my flat is not really doing her good. And I would love to know what can I change to make it better for her. She still has the flowers on, just that the green leaves are ...less green..and she seems sad. I cant even find info about how often i should water. Somewhere it said "sparingly" in the winter. But .. how oftern is sparingly ? ? Would appreciate any info! Ps. flat is abudent in light during day and she gets sunlight quite in good amounts. Against a warm wall and South - East.

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I would want to re-pot into something larger and put it outside is a sunny but protected position. The pot is too small, hence you will be watering constantly. If you want to keep it as a standard you will need to prune on a regular basis as it can grow very large if left.

18 Feb, 2018


Yes, it needs a wider pot as it throws out a lot of lateral roots. I had one in the ground but the roots spread out too near the surface and began to threaten the paving. It grew very quickly and was wonderfully scented and I hated having to dig it out. Mine was in semi shade and very happy there.

18 Feb, 2018

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