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I must have dropped a pot of purple crocuses as we have them in the lawn. But really apart from those I have an orange one in the front.
So my questions are
a/ are crocuses for borders & naturalizing the same?
b/ what are the best purple ones in the border?
c/ what are the best orange ones in the border?



any of the larger crocus will naturalise well. I love Pickwick [purple stripy], Joan of Arc [white], Ruby Giant [rich purple] and Golden Yellow.

I have some of the smaller ones but they get 'lost' in the grass when it grows fast in a mild spring.

I find any of them do well in borders and pots as the grass doesn't compete with them.

19 Feb, 2018


I think more likely a squirrel or two have been “planting” or rather transplanting them into your lawn.

19 Feb, 2018


or seed from the others have finally grown big enough to flower.

20 Feb, 2018


I remember Ruby Giant from years ago. Still going? Wow

25 Feb, 2018


I have crocus clumps that I planted in Feb 96 and they come up every year. sometimes a few get dug up by mistake and end up in a smaller clump away from the main one. but I love them. I also have a range of others that are in terracotta pots and they don't get moved and they are 5 yrs old plus, blue pearl and vanguard.

26 Feb, 2018

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