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I live in Iva,SC and during this time in Febuary and March, you'll see daffodils growing wild every where. I love it because they put a smile on my face everyday on my way to work! But my question is I would like them to grow wild on both sides of my dead end road. How can I get them to grow wild without having to plant bulbs every where?

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if you are not in a hurry scatter ripe seed on the areas and then in 3-5 yrs time you will get flowers. {collect a few seeds from the plants already growing providing it isn't illegal to do so}
Check with your local bye-laws though. In the UK it is illegal to sow seeds in wild places that do not belong to you as the plants may become a nuisance.

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21 Feb, 2018


You can plant a few bulbs here and there and if conditions are to their liking they will spread out as the years go on. Note I said” years “ which means to be patient if your desire is not to do a mass planting of daffodil bulbs. Warning: Like Seaburngirl said it would be advisable to make sure that it is your property that you are doing this on. If it is not your property, then it would be in your best interest not to trespass and plant.

23 Feb, 2018

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