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By Patfran

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

I recently asked if anyone knew what a plant was that I bought from a supermarket. It was suggested that it might be Ficus Microcarpia which I looked up and it does look exactly like my plant. However, looking further it grows into a VERY large tree, or is mine a bonsai version as it is only a few inches tall but is in a normal pot??



They grow quite large in warmer climates or their native habitat outdoors, but make good houseplants contained in pots in our climate, so no, you won't have an absolutely enormous tree on your hands in no time, it'll be fine.

23 Feb, 2018


Thanks, that's good to know. Just needed to check, lol.

23 Feb, 2018


As I said, Patfran, the top part of the plant is a dwarf variety of Ficus microcarpa. If you could let it run wild in the garden, like they do in Florida, it would eventually become a medium-sized shrub about 2 meters tall and wide. Kept indoors in a pot, it will stay much smaller, and it is very easily pruned if you like, too.

24 Feb, 2018

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