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By Patfran

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

I have just found some forgotten bulbs in the greenhouse and they have these white things on them, can anyone tell me what they are please?




are they alive like a grub? if they are narcissus bulbs they could be the larvae of the narcissus bulb fly [Merodon equestris]. I did a blog on these beasties a few years ago. they eat the bulb. the adult looks like a bumble bee. a good mimic. though they do lay eggs on other bulbs such as snowdrops.

24 Feb, 2018


Looks like maggots - fly larvae.

24 Feb, 2018


Narcissus bulb fly - I would cover my daffs up in the summer on hot days.

25 Feb, 2018


They look more like chrysalis. Not grubs, they don't move.

25 Feb, 2018


in that case they are the 'shells' of narcissus bulb fly.

25 Feb, 2018

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