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Morning gardeners. Could you please advice if it is okay to replant a hydrangea at this time of the year....thank you



Is it in the ground or a pot? How old is it?

8 Mar, 2018


If the ground is workable (not frozen) then yes of course you can.

8 Mar, 2018


as long as the ground isn't frozen or very wet/waterlogged then yes you can. when you say replant have you previously lifted from the ground into a pot and if so how long ago. if it is a new plant and in a pot at present I 'd be tempted to leave it a while and give the soil a chance to recover from the winter wet/snow.

8 Mar, 2018


The hydrangea is in the ground and would just like to move to another spot in the garden.. thanks for replies

10 Mar, 2018


in that case you can move it when the ground isn't frozen. Lift as much soil around the plant as possible to do as little damage to the roots as possible. prepare your planting hole before you lift the hydrangea. Make the hole at least 1.5 to 2 times bigger than the space you are taking the plant out of. Mix a little compost in with the soil then back around the plant and firm the soil to prevent wind rock.

10 Mar, 2018

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