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Sprouts: I was given some very young plants right at the end of the season last year. As I had room to overwinter them under glass they are now about 6" tall and looking healthy. Is there any point in planting them out or should I just put them in the compost bin??



You should be able to grow them. I would take them out from under the glass to prevent meldew. Grow them on as houseplants until all danger of frost is passed. Harden them off gradually as you would any other vegetable, then plant them out in a sunny location.

12 Mar, 2018


They are already hardened off outside and ready to plant. I just wondered whether they would go on to crop or just go to seed.

12 Mar, 2018


I find that even if the sprouts do 'blow' they make lovely greens.
So I'd plant them out if you have the space.

12 Mar, 2018


Never thought of that! Thanks Sbg. Just waiting for Mother Nature to allow planting conditions then.

14 Mar, 2018

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