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My beautiful container grown lemon tree was caught out in the terrible 'Beast from the East' storm suffered by most of the UK recently, and I am really worried that it may have been cold/frost damaged beyond repair.
Does anyone know what to do if this happens? The leaves have gone seriously droopy (as if it hasn't been watered) but they have, so far, not fallen off. I am hoping that new shoots will sprout as the weather warms up but I would appreciate any suggestions on whether I should prune it back or remove the fruit - or simply leave it alone until the weather improves and see how it is. I have given it a couple of liquid seaweed feeds but it hasn't responded.
I am so upset... I have had this little tree for about 5 years and I would normally have covered or moved it knowing a cold snap was coming, but I was away and by the time I got back the damage had been done!
If there is anyone out there who can help, I would be very grateful if they could give me any advice.
I have posted photos in case this might help...

Img_2241 Img_2242 Img_2243



There is nothing you can do I'm afraid other than wait - anything that's droopy now will probably die back, at which point you can remove what's dead, so its fingers crossed for some new growth off the branches at some point. No point in feeding it either, just wait and see what happens. Its going to be cold again by this weekend, so you might want to move it to a sheltered spot to give it the best chance of recovery.

13 Mar, 2018


Thankyou Bamboo - that is pretty much what I feared! Good suggestion about moving it this weekend just in case, I will take your advice. Thanks again and fingers crossed.

14 Mar, 2018


Looks like this Lemon Tree outside, it should be in a warm greenhouse or conservatory with a minimum temperature of 4ºC, then in the Late Spring & Summer it would be ok.

15 Mar, 2018

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