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Hi all - I am planning to turf my new garden in the coming weeks once it’s dried a bit and wanted to check if my thinking is correct on how I should do it. I have attached a photo of the current muddy state!
It’s 14m by 10m and the soil is quite heavy clay although the site was originally a gravel pit which I managed to unearth when digging the soak away.
My main concern is that next doors garden suffers a lot from water logging so I want to alleviate that problem.
My plan is-
Rotavate the whole site and remove any large stones and perennial weeds
Rotavate again and add in a load of grit to aid drainage, not sure how much I would need for the size garden?
Do the foot shuffle over the whole site
Rake over to iron out any dips and bumps
Foot shuffle all over again
Final rake and then lay Turf
I was also considering putting some pipes in vertically maybe a couple of feet below ground level around the garden and filling with gravel to further aid drainage, anyone got any experience of this?
Any suggestions/improvements on my plan welcome!




Hi, I would remove any perennial weeds and large stones before rotavating, as if you do it first you will just cut up the roots of perennial weeds, and also possibly damage the blades of your rotavator,.
I think you're probably thinking of a herringbone drainage system with the pipes, but that is quite a big job, which includes a lot of digging of trenches, which are gradually deeper towards the central ,larger pipe, and can be done with either clay drainage pipes, [which are expensive] or plastic piping with slits cut into them, it's no use putting vertical pipes under the top surface, they would just fill with water, as it has nowhere to go, other than that, your plan is ok. Derek.

14 Mar, 2018


Hi Derek, thanks for the advice mate, I have built a new soakaway below where those blank dustbins are in the picture as we also having an extension done and needed a new soak-away, wondering if I could get some perforated pipes dug around the garden all running down toward the soak-away?

16 Mar, 2018


Hi, If you already have the soakaway, you have nothing to lose by putting slitted pipes in, just make sure that you have enough of an angle to keep the excess water flowing and not just sitting around, once you have them in place cover them with pea gravel to stop the slits getting blocked, Derek.

17 Mar, 2018

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