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My gardener cut down my Coral Honeysuckle. Will it grow back? Pic 1 is what it was. Pic 2 is what it is. I really enjoyed the bright red trumpets & watching the hummingbirds dart to & fro. For some reason, my gardener decided to cut it down at ground level. This is a native honeysuckle, not quite as "robust" as the Japonica type. The root stock is still green with greenish twigs visible. Will this grow back? Also, should I fire my gardener over this? He's destroyed several of my cherished plants. I've spoken to him several times about this, but seems like i keep finding costly mistakes like this. I Just want him to to cut the grass, but I can't be there all the time while he's out there. thanks.

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As long as the roots are all right I should think it will grow back, although it may take a while. Maybe you could give it a feed of something, Growmore or similar, to help it along.
If this sore of thing keeps happening I'd try to find a better gardener.

18 Mar, 2018



I would say yes it will grow back but it has had a severe pruning and maybe too hard ? , but the gardener hasn't a clue about pruning, lets prune him out the garden gate...

18 Mar, 2018


Boot up the a...

18 Mar, 2018


Good idea, but can't you tell him to just cut the grass & not touch anything else? If he can't obey such a simple order then definitely get rid.

18 Mar, 2018


Agree with Feverfew. Someone to cut the grass reliably is difficult to find, so if he will just stick at that, give him another chance, but make it VERY clear that he must not touch anything else! If he steps out of line again, then definitely Bulba's remedy!

18 Mar, 2018


Thank so much for the thoughtful advice. I may just pick up a new one next week and hope this grows grows back again . I just wont be getting that prolific flush of bright red trumpets or the hummingbirds. A new vine will take a couple years to mature.

The gardeners are immigrants from Mexico just barely scraping by. So communication is a challenge on any level. This is a family operation and If I give certain instructions to Luigi, Ricardo will show up next week totally oblivious. They nod and smile when I talk to them, but I wonder if they comprehend. Then he'll decimate all the tulips and daffodils with the leaf blower, then nod and smile and expect me to pay him. I know i need to get tough.

19 Mar, 2018


Get a Spanish translation of "Only cut the grass please and touch nothing else", write it down In Spanish and English and give it to him to read. Ought to be foolproof.

22 Mar, 2018


Good Idea, thanks

22 Mar, 2018


Good for you, trying to help the family. I think Stera's got the answer!

23 Mar, 2018

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