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I may have a go at entering a local gardening society annual show in August , they have a class for cucumbers does any one recommend a Exhibition variety ...

thank you



I have never grown cucumbers for exhibition but Robinson & Son are well respected in the country for their big vegetables and they recommend King George cucumbers. D. T. Brown's Carmen cucumber also looks a good bet. Don't forget to buy the glass straightening tubes.

18 Mar, 2018


King George cucumbers it is I have ordered the seeds

I have seen the Victorian glass tubes but will give them a miss , and do they still sell them ?

thank you

19 Mar, 2018


Sorry about the straightening glasses but I didn't realise that they are silly money to buy (Amazon). I have had a look to see if I can find out what the exhibition growers use but nobody seems to be giving away their secrets. Perhaps something home-made in plastic? There is a bit of advice on the net at:
Hope this is of use with the straightening factor.

19 Mar, 2018


Thanks .... I grew telegraph last year and no problem with curve
I will look at your link

20 Mar, 2018

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