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Any help about money trees. This was my first plant and didn’t have a lot of knowledge. He is becoming leggy and wonder where and how to propogate. As you can see I have sticks helping him stand up straight because he is so top heavy (I know I have had him for so long and should have done a better job ?) He is so big and beautiful though I want to make sure I do it right. Let me know what you’ll think. THANKS SO MUCH GUYS struggling plant Mom appreciate it. Also any favorite fertilizer I can use ?

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It looks like it needs more light and a bigger pot, to me. When transplanting, use a fast draining mix, such as Cactus Mix.
Money trees are also very amenable to pruning, so you could cut it back fairly severely to cure the floppiness.
My favorite food for them is a low phosphate houseplant food.

21 Mar, 2018

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