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Hi, my mum has just got me an acer and some peonies, with the threat of more snow over Easter, do I plant them out now or wait until the threat is over? If I wait how do I look after them until I can plant them out? Thank you in advance.



Hi it depends if they are bare root or in pots. If they are in pots they can stay in their pots until the snow has gone. If bare rooted then then pot them up temporarily. If they have been in the open at the garden centre then they will be fine in the shelter of a wall. if undercover then a more sheltered spot or cold frame would be a good idea.

sorry lots of ifs there :o)

21 Mar, 2018


Thank you, the acer is in a pot and the peonies bare rooted so will get them temporarily potted up. I am not sure what conditions they were in before as they were ordered online from a nursery, I will find out. Thank you again :)

21 Mar, 2018


assume they have been under shelter and give them some protection from cold winds in particular.

21 Mar, 2018

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