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What disinfectant do you use to clean your greenhouse?




I use Vitax Greenhouse Disinfectant , smells of oranges ....

works a treat

24 Mar, 2018


That sounds lovely. Thanks, GG.

24 Mar, 2018


Very dilute solution of Jeyes Fluid is my preference. Reminds me of carbolic soap from when I was a lad.

24 Mar, 2018


I too use Jeyes fluid. gives you a good clean feeling :o)

24 Mar, 2018


Mmmm "oranges" or "jeyes fluid" lol


25 Mar, 2018


lol...mmm....I've never used Jeyes, but I can just imagine how that smells! I don't use any disinfectant. I use Algon, the same stuff I put on my patio. It kills algae and is organic. I spray it on with a hand sprayer in solution and then wipe it off with a cloth, but leave it in the ridges etc. to do its job. Smells of vinegar for a few days.

25 Mar, 2018


Ok. My friend Barbara and I have started on her late husband Pete's veg patch. We have tidied the greenhouse and now have to clean it. I will tell her what you have suggested. Thanks everyone.

26 Mar, 2018


I use Jeyes Fluid and it is great for keeping everything outside clean and scented. If you use a few drops in a bucket of water, it shouldn't smell that strong.

7 Apr, 2018

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