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suggestions please. I recently came home one evening to find a drunken driver had crashed into my front hedge, leaving a large hole! can anyone recommend a plant that will quickly plug the hole and not look out of place. i think the hedge is cyprus ? not too sure. [ see photo. ]




Ouch! I hate it when that happens! The hedge looks like a Chamaecyparis, or possibly a Leylandii Cypress. If it is a Leyland, another Leyland will be the quickest possible fill in, though I know there will be objections from a lot of other gardeners here, especially the ones that have fought their roots! Since this appears to be on a corner, you may want to put in a contrasting plant such as a Red-tip Photinia (Photinia x fraseri). It is also known as "Red Robin", but that is a dwarf variety of this species, so I would get the original if you want fast growth. There are probably a dozen other possibilities, but you might want to hear from the locals on that.

26 Aug, 2010


Thanks for your comments Tugbrethil, the hedge is about 10 feet high but it has been a fantastic barrier over the years. All the neighbors seem to love it and always tell me that i keep it lovely!
The hedge is about 20 years old, even replacing with another plant, i feel will take years to fill out! It's such a shame to see the damage.

My insurance company said it is covered, but how much would one that big cost?
I don't think i pay enough premiums a year for that!!! I will give what you say some thought, thanks again , Tiger.

26 Aug, 2010


From a wholesale outlet, a leyland cypress (6ft plus, in a 10 litre pot), should cost about £12 -£15. Bigger than that, and you start jumping consideraby in price. Phil J

26 Aug, 2010

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