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Apple Blossom Clematis - had a terrible wind storm toward the end of the 2017-18 winter that stripped the vines 90% clean on two 1-year old plantings. The leaves had been green through the harsh temperatures prior to the wind storm. The remaining leaves were green but turned brown over the weeks following the wind storm. With the start of Spring, the vines still appear healthy. Any input on whether I should leave them alone or prune - either aggressively or lightly? Thank you.



Hi, welcome to GoY, if you scrape the bark of the shoots carefully, and it's still green underneath, then it's still alive' if it's brown and brittle then that part is dead, start near the ends of the shoots and it will probably be dead, just move further down the shoot until you see green underneath the bark, when you see green, cut off anything above the green, it may take a while to recover, but with any luck your plant should green up, Derek.

30 Mar, 2018


Many thanks - had noted some green so will explore further, cut as needed, and remain hopeful.

30 Mar, 2018

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