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We have a particularly windy corner in our garden and want to know what conifer shall we use to absorb some of it



Scots pine? Gets tall though. Does if have to be a conifer? An eleagnus or a griselinia might be more effective.

4 Apr, 2018


You would be best with an open structured conifer to slow the wind down rather than a dense species which would get damaged and 'burned' by the strong winds. I am looking out of the window and seeing a Cedar in the corner of our garden which fulfils these requirements. Be aware that most conifers get very big and that you should make sure that you have the space for it.

4 Apr, 2018


I would also go along the evergreen shrub route. Ilex, Osmanthus, Olearia or Eleagnus. As stated lots of conifers will end up being too big and can suffer from wind burn.

4 Apr, 2018


Thank you for all you responses which I will have to think about before deciding on a course of action. I hadn't know about wind burn on trees so thanks for that.

13 Apr, 2018


If you are in a hurry I reckon Eleagnus (ebbingii) would grow quickest out of those. And it has very tiny white flowers you can easily miss but a couple of sprays will scent a room.

14 Apr, 2018

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