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Last year I planted 3 foxgloves in the same tub, they did very well, but is it too late to separate them, or should I leave them in-situ until end of flowering season. Thanks in advance.
sellina 46



I would leave them alone now. Did they flower last year? They are usually biennials, growing one year & then flowering the next, then they die, but sometimes they make new growth around the centre & then that flowers but smaller flowers. Have yours done this? Keep the seed & sow again for next year. Get rid of the old plants.

4 Apr, 2018


If they are perennials, you can treat them like any other perennial and split them now...dont leave it any
Onger...and replant. If you dont know what kind they are, just leave them be, and if theres no growth in a few weeks, empty them out and plant new or something else.

4 Apr, 2018


They can easily suffer from transplanting so if you do that do it as carefully as poss.

5 Apr, 2018


Did they flower Sellina?

27 Aug, 2018

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