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Hello everyone,

First time ever growing anything. I got brambly apples directly from a tree in a country garden near Bangor in Co. Down, Northern Ireland.
After using apples to make delicious apple tarts I retained the apple seeds.
Planted them into plant pots with a mixture of compost and burned ashes of paper.
3 of the seeds (think I planted 5) have sprouted and are about 1 inch tall presently. 2 of the sprouts, which are approx. 3 inches apart, are in a single lager pot (maybe 9 inch diameter) and the other single sprout in a 5 inch flower pot.
What should I do next?
At present they reside on my 1st floor window ledge in Central Belfast.



Keep potting them on into bigger pots as the roots fill the existing one. Then wait possibly 25 years for them to produce fruit which could be anything from a new variety to a 'spitter'. (Take one bite and spit it out!) Sorry, but Apples have the greatest ability in the plant kingdom to vary from seed. One thing can be guaranteed, they will not be Bramley apples.

5 Apr, 2018


welcome to GoY

yes I agree with the above comments. bramley come from grafted clones. your apples may be terrible or lovely but either way its going to be a long time to wait.
did you realise you have said you are in the usa on your avatar?

5 Apr, 2018


My late Mother planted a pip way back in the 70's, the tree grew into a lovely small, nicely shaped tree but never fruited. The year before my Father died and the house was sold it fruited with some really nice apples! But before then there was always the joy of having something grown from seed and it flowered, but didn't set fruit until then. Persevere it's a satisfaction to have something you grew yourself.

8 Apr, 2018

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