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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

Below is a photo of our ancient Rosemary bush, which has been there , just outside our similarly ancient porch for about 25 years. The porch is at last to be replaced. My question is - is there any chance of saving the bush ? If so - full details please.
If the photo’s blurred I can improve it.




Rosemary doesn't live forever. The folklore is that it will never live for more than 33 years, the time Christ spent on earth, so you may be wasting your time trying to save it.

5 Apr, 2018


Thanks T, neither my son nor I have a clue how to cook with it anyway, so it can go. But I’ll dig it up as carefully as I can just in case I can save it. Cheers.

5 Apr, 2018


they take well from cuttings if you want to keep it going as a new shrub. as for cooking it goes very well with any lamb dishes and I like it with chicken too. the bees love it too.

5 Apr, 2018


Thanks for that SG, I’ll take cuttings.

6 Apr, 2018

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