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Mahonia - What to do with this now? This is wind damage from the recent blizzards. If I cut the damaged leaves off it will be quite bald, but they do look a mess. What would you advise please?

On plant Mahonia




mine looks like this too and I intend to prune it back beyond the damaged stems. it will re-sprout so it wont look to bad in a few months.

5 Apr, 2018


I would just prune off the brown parts of the leaves. The more green you can leave on the plant, the faster it will repair the damage this summer.

6 Apr, 2018


I did wonder about that Tugbrethil. I’ve never cut off just part of leaves before, but I’ll give it a go! Thanks! Maybe SBG might consider doing the same?

6 Apr, 2018


I've pruned my mahonia several times taking full limbs off it so I know mine re-sprouts. Its a standard but now multi stemmed.

6 Apr, 2018


I've got one of these in my front garden and before I joined GOY, it was very big and taller then the wall so I just hacked it, height and width and it came back lovely. Had more flowers on it last year then had before. Good luck.

6 Apr, 2018


Thank you! Last time I pruned it, it didnt flower for a year, so I am a bit cautious!

6 Apr, 2018


Well, I cut the brown leaves away and left the green and it doesn't look too bad. Thanks everyone! :)

7 Apr, 2018

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