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By Kirk

New South Wales, Australia Au

Hi could you please advise if my chilli plant is normal? If not please advise how would I fix it... All help would be appreciated... Thank you kirk
All help would be appreciated I’m no gardener lol

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It looks like a bad case of whiteflies, Kirk. Spraying with soapy water--about 3-5 ml of organic dish soap per liter of water--should do the trick, though you may have to spray every day for 3-5 days. Putting out yellow cards smeared with petroleum jelly, on stakes, will help prevent re-infestation.

6 Apr, 2018


Do you have these plants indoors? Improving ventilation and light will help stop future infestation. Give them as much sun as possible & open a nearby window. A little wind does a lot of good, even and electric fan will help.

6 Apr, 2018


Anything that strengthens the plants will help them to resist these pests.

6 Apr, 2018

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