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I want to move 2 of my verbascum plants. I don't know which verbascum one of them as the rain has worn the label but it grew 2-3 thin stems last summer to about 3ft and had a pink flower. The 2nd one is verbascum Antique Rose. It grew to about 2ft last summer. They were planted in June 2016. Both died back in the Autumn but are starting to shoot now. Is this a safe time to move them? The shoots are close to the ground.



yes it is a good time. take a lot of soil around them to limit root damage and transplant immediately. I usually dig the new hole first at least 1.5- 2 times the size that i intend to dig up. mix in some compost to the soil you will back fill with and that will give them a good start in their new places.

7 Apr, 2018


Thank you so much Seaburngirl. I had read earlier that it is really risky moving Verbascum but your response has given me the confidence to try and your tips make sound sense to me. Really glad I found this website and joined the members group. I have dabbled at gardening for years but now that I am retired I want to learn more. Am still a novice.

7 Apr, 2018


Welcome to this site, you won’t regret joining, there is always someone to help with most Gardening Questions :o))

7 Apr, 2018


sorry I hadn't noticed you were new to the site. I usually say welcome to GoY.
so Welcome to GoY:o)

8 Apr, 2018


Welcome to GOY Clare! :)

8 Apr, 2018


Welcome from me too, Derek.

10 Apr, 2018


Thank you for all your welcomes. Very kind of you to welcome me.

19 Apr, 2018

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