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Starting Nicotiana from seed dos & don’t s

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Should prick out Nicotiana from seed yet? Over a month later and they are still the tiniest things. At first it looked like green moss. The leaves are now the size of a bell pepper seed. Would it be too soon to prick a few out and up-pot?

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If a seedling has four leaves you can pot it up . . . carefully!

8 Apr, 2018


I'd wait a little longer if it were me. it needs to have at least 2 true leaves, the first 2 are seed leaves hence the general rule of waiting for 4 leaves.

welcome to GoY :o)

8 Apr, 2018


It's frustrating when they don't grow as fast as we would like, but do you blame them with the cold weather we have had?
When you do re-pot them remember to hold them by the leaf, not the stem, they will survive a missing leaf, but not a damaged stem. Patience is the key word of most gardening! Welcome from me too.

8 Apr, 2018


Thank you all for welcoming and your help! I look forward to being a member here.

8 Apr, 2018

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