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My hebe which is 6ft tall and was a mass of mauve flowers last year ,is looking stressed,the leaves are turning brown and shrivelling ,could anyone tell me why ❓



Hi GeorgeMB! Sadly Hebes aren't fully hardy, and the awful winter has taken its toll on many. I just had to cut some of my toughest ones right back almost to their bases. I'm hoping they will re-grow, but it takes time. Cut off the worst of the damage and hope for the best :) Karen

7 Apr, 2018


Thank you Karen ,I will follow your instructions

7 Apr, 2018


:) good luck!

7 Apr, 2018


yes one of mine is looking similar. Down to the really cold Easterly winds we have had lately.
I have cut it back to about 12" tall and there are already signs of new growth after only 5 days.

welcome to GoY too :o)

8 Apr, 2018

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