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I saw these growing in Riverside Park, NYC. I'd like some for my own garden. Who can tell me what these are? Thanks!




The best fit that I have found is Puschkinia scillioides, Paul.

9 Apr, 2018


That's a mouthful Tug, but you're right as usual and I'm placing my order. Too bad they only last a few short weeks, but they naturalize well & multiply quickly. thanks!

9 Apr, 2018


Also look at Chionodoxa, a darker blue but otherwise similar.

9 Apr, 2018


Would need to see a closer view of the flowers to give a positive id.
There is a pure white version of Chionodoxa too.

9 Apr, 2018


I also think Pushkinia. I have some and they rapidly bulk up. an easy bulb to grow.

9 Apr, 2018


Thank you all who commented!

9 Apr, 2018

How do I say thanks?

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