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Hi folks, Is there such a thing as a evergreen honeysuckle I could put in a pot, that would grow to a maximum height of around 6-7ft? If not what would be the next best option. I'm looking for a potted fragrant evergreen.




Plant the type of honeysuckle of your choice in a large pot with a trellis for it to climb on of the height you have mentioned. Keep it in full sun and once well rooted it will grow and flower well....outdoors of course. The honeysuckle I have in my garden has never dropped it’s leaves even in the coldest winters but this plant seems to like it’s rest periods so do expect it from time to time. Another option would be Gardenia. This plant is very fragrant although it is a bit choosey with regards to its location on the patio or garden. I just move mine around a bit in its pot until it tells me the location has just the right amount of sun and shade by flowering constantly. A good height for this bush is about 5 ft. The bad side for our locals is that a gardenia would be considered an annual.

10 Apr, 2018


Jasminum humile revolutum is a great solution for you. Its evergreen in a sheltered spot even here in East Coast Scotland. It doesnt grow too fast, you can prune it and it has lovely fragrant yellow flowers in the summer.its fairly easy to find in nurseries and Garden Centres.

10 Apr, 2018


Jasmine humile is a lovely plant, but try to buy one in flower so you can smell it - I had one and the flowers had no fragrance at all, they seem variable on the fragrance front.

10 Apr, 2018


It certainly won’t compete with honeysuckle for perfume.

10 Apr, 2018


Sorry for taking so long to say thank you folks, but my PC has decided to throw a wobbly, but it seems okay now fingers crossed.

22 Apr, 2018

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